As a result of all these advantages Exchange has great potential and popularity among users, buyers, so selling websites through it very effectively.
After registration Telderi can fairly quickly begin its full activity of buying and selling sites. To do this, find the admin sections: “Buyer”, “seller”, “Events”, “Messages”, “Detailed account” and “Profile”. In the first menu item, you the buyer sites and domains will find a list of available fields in the system. There are various filters on the left by the type of site, cost, traffic, age, income and expenditure. With their help, you can quickly find the necessary items.
In the “Seller” will settle your auctions. For each of them there statuses – draft, active in the transfer process is complete, which correspond to the status of a transaction. In the “Events”, you can configure notifications for new rates, changes in the auction, etc. – A very necessary element exchange purchase and sale sites, since it is necessary to stay abreast of current rates. 3 menu – used to communicate with sellers, buyers and adminstratsiey, view information about your account and fill in your account (Profile).

Overall first impressions and exchange buying and selling websites and domains Telderi very, very positive. The project is a new, just finished beta testing, but it looks already completely ready to commit transactions. The lots and promotional – has dozens of proposals, of which a couple of very attractive, confident every day they will become more and more. Work in the system is convenient, simple and clear, but the main advantage is, of course, guarantee transactions, so you can safely try to buy something and sell it. Actually, I’ve just been thinking not only about buying a couple more sites, but also the sale of some projects – see what happens + detailed report on the event, of course, will be published in the blog.

P.S. As part of the stories about the design of blogs published an article right sidebar of the blog in the examples and later was a note about what needs to be done for the footer of your blog.
New Note Design mania tells how to install Google+ button style for the site using a special framework, and also allows you to download 200 icons Google+.
In the Internet you can buy anything you like, for example is much more convenient to go to the online book shop online, choose the right books, pay card and get home than go to the market.


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